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Welcome to our new label. We are Anna and Roger and we’d like to introduce you to Fabulous Friends Records. Our policy is to put out nice popsongs on CD or vinyl, and instead of doing promotion, pressing large amounts and make a lot of money we will try to put out as many interesting bands and artists as possible.

At the moment we just have one release on the market. It’s a cd-single with a guy called Antony Harding. He has a day-time job as a drummer in excellent UK trio Hefner, but when everyone else is sleeping Antony calls himself Ant and records heartbreaking songs on his own. For those of who has some Hefner-records in your collection, you can hear him sing a bit on songs like ”Don’t flake out on me” and ”The librarian”. His solodebut took place in march 1999 on british label Evil World Records, which is partly owned by Darren Hayman of Hefner. This is a 7” called ”I hope you’ll always be there” and we liked it so much that we asked Ant to do his next single with us, and he did!

So in October 1999 we were very happy to present ”Where Happiness Begins”, a cd-single with 3 aching songs about love. Sadly, the 100 copies we made were sold out very quickly, and we don’t plan to re-press, as we rather release new records. But if you really, really want the Ant-EP, you can wait till we release a compilation with ”all
the singles so far”, which possibly could happen sometime between our 5th and 10th release.

Anyway, welcome to our website (which is done by Roger’s brother Tommy) and we all hope that you will return. Feel free to send us a mail or sign our guestbook.

Also check the news-section frequently for updates in our condition.


Roger Gunnarsson & Anna Isaksson
November 1999